FX and Interest Rates Derivatives Dealing

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10 years experience in FX trading, execution and hedging
Interest rates derivatives trading, execution and hedging





Wee Teck has 15 years of financial markets experience and is extremely knowledgeable in multi asset class investing, trading and hedging. Having worked through the various financial crisis like Dotcom Bubble, 911, SARS, Great Financial Crisis and European Debt crises, he is well trained as a market follower and is dedicated to stay ahead of financial developments,

As a treasury dealer working for banks/corporations previously, he is aware of the various financial risks like currency risks, interest rate risks and liquidity risks that arise from the organizations' business activities. He has helped to advise on these exposure that are worth millions of dollars and has provided customized derivative hedging solutions to mitigate such risks. As a hedging solutions provider and executor, he has allowed the banks/corporations to concentrate on their core businesses and reducing unduly financial losses from the various risk exposures at the same time.

Also with fund selecting/asset allocation experience, he managed to provide diversification benefits to his company/foundation's core portfolio and yet able to provide a continued income steam to ensure liquidity needs are met. He will seek to find public investments that are catered to meet short term, medium term and long term needs,

Despite his busy schedule of work and looking after his two young daughters, Wee Teck still find time to do charity work (delivery of food to the needy and teaching computer skills to the visually handicapped) and contribute to national service. He also exercise regularly so as to keep pace with the demands of life.

Wee Teck has been promoted twice in five years and was awarded community certificates for the charity work.

A well liked team player and also able to work independently, he is looking to establish himself in a organisation to do long term asset allocation and also perform the necessary hedging strategies. With his skill sets, he will be able to excel in any place and role.