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Anatoli Group "The Complete Swiftlet Nest Business"
"Sivali" Swiftlet Farm is established on 23 acre of land locating at Ban Lam district, Petchaburi province, Thailand. The site consists of 8 unique swiftlet condominiums. Every condominium is specifically designed and built by professionals for the best architecture quality that would stand for hundred of years.
Edible bird's nest products; cleaned dried nests, cleaned frozen nests, beverages, and food. We mix technology and tradition to process our products. This is why our nests have the best texture, color, scent, and taste.
Skin care. Together with the best swiftlet's nest extract, we sought out the best ingredients from around the world to formulate the highest quality facial serum "Youth Revival Bird's Nest Serum". Another important factor is safety for skin. We ensure your skin health by formulating without irritation substances.