Director of Master on Big Data Solutions

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BTS is an education leader based in Barcelona, creating future digital transformation business leaders. It has a unique methodology with university style lectures, Labs, career and project mentors, industry connections and incubation.
I'm member of the board with an amazing, diverse, global mix of experts to best support BTS as it goes through different stages of its growth. I also Direct the Master on Big Data Solutions making sure the content is sound and up to date.





Since 2007 I work in Digital Innovation managing business units, large projects and programmes in enterprise, consulting and public funding environments, with very diverse application fields, from construction and energy to healthcare and business electronics and large breadth of technologies from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to IoT and Semantic Technologies..
My experience covers all the aspects of Digital innovation from business (M&A, bid management, client engagement, partnerships, programme management, P&L) to technology management (technology strategy, architecture design, agile development, IP management).