Director Acquisitions Integration - International

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As the Director of International Integration & Business Foundations at Walmart, Pablo Garro had the responsibility to successfully integrate newly acquired businesses, to plan and seamlessly execute the transition of divestment deals and to define the strategy behind the approach to knowledge and capabilities transfer in Walmart International markets.
In the case of newly acquire business, Pablo was in charge of ensuring the successful implementation of Walmart's core business functions of Merchandising, Supply Chain, Operations, Finance and Human Resources.





As the Director of Supply Chain Strategy and Program Management at Walmart, Pablo Garro has the responsibility to provide direction for the development and execution of Supply Chain strategic programs related to Automation, Network Utilization, Knowledge Transfer and others.

Pablo is a very driven professional that enjoys work opportunities that allow for:
1. Big, complex and disrupting challenges that allow for showcasing his management skills
2. Strategic focused improvement.
3. Developing people. He takes pride on making successful people out of his business partners