CRM and Customer Loyalty Specialist

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CRM Manager for GM (2008-2010)
Managed CRM strategy development and execution.
Participated in CRM system adaptation and maintenance.
Coordinated databases continuous maintenance and administration; direct mailings and e-newsletter mailings development and implementation.
Loyalty program coordinator for Nissan (December 2012 - May 2016)
Coordinating In-dealer Loyalty Program development and implementation for an international car manufacturer. Data gathering and analytics, reports development, cross-functional coordination.
CRM specialist for CNHi (2016 till present)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system adaptation to business needs
Coordinating research and development of new features
Training internal and external (dealers from IVECO, AG and Construction networks) users





My name is Maria and I consider myself an experienced project coordinator in a wide variety of fields from FMCG to automotive. I have a passion for challenging my organizational skills in all kinds of environments. Also I am keen on travelling and travel-living - living in different countries and discovering their cultures in depth. I am looking for global projects and will be glad to join a team of like-minded people from all over the world.

Feel free to contact me by email ( or skype (maria.a.melnikova)!