Export Sales Executive

  • 金属加工
  • 法人営業


Customer Relationship Management
• Managed a portfolio of 60 customers spread over Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa
• Reached sales target of rolled zinc in 7 consecutive years (2005 - 2011) by achieving an average of 95% customer retention, keeping all customers and increasing customer base by 10% per year
• Delivered memorable customer service experience, rated as “excellent”, by ensuring coordinated actions among sales, production, logistics and finance teams so that customer expectations are not only met by surpassed
• Decreased the number of claims by 20% per year by closely collaborating with production and logistics departments to ensure proper use of packaging and careful handling of our products
• Reduced the average payment delay by 75% by implementing a financial model to continuously reevaluate each customer’s credit line
• Ensured 100% realization of monthly shipping program of rolled titan-zinc products, getting 95% of all shipments delivered on time (compared to a target of 90%)
Business Development and Market Intelligence
• Increased company’s sales by 10% in four consecutive years (2009 - 2012) by identifying new customers of rolled zinc and rolled lead in Eastern Europe, North Asia Pacific and Africa
• Tripled European market share of rolled lead in 2010 and 2011, by implementing cross-selling initiatives and identifying new customers in the European Union market
• Coordinated the design, preparation and distribution of brochures, by involving key customers, photographers and governmental entities to showcase architectural references where our rolled zinc has been installed
• Promoted the use of a new packaging among customers to raise the standard of rolled zinc products in the market place, getting high acceptance from customers and improving the premiums paid by them by 20%