Aircraft Materials Inventory, Sales, Billings and Reporting

  • 航空機・航空機部品
  • 経営企画/経営管理


Over 7 years Experience.
Plan maintenance checks and prepares work packages. Implement and monitor customer's programs for modification, special inspections and component removals. Prepare check reports, flow charts and material requirements. Verify and confirm work requirements to meet customer's contractual statutory and technical specifications. Create sales orders for submission and approval of VP office. Conduct material inventory checks. Publish rates for customers. Plan, coordinate and instruct service provider on dispatching of aircraft parts and materials. VP, Senior Manager and Admin Executive on administrative matters as directed.
providing aircraft materials support to various airlines and vendors worldwide on AOG and critical requirements..
Provides recommendations & initiate areas of improvement to
smoothen current operational processes.
Provide monthly reviews on sales orders for VP & Senior Managers
Provide monthly updates on inventory stocks and unit prices to vendors.
Provide pricing quotations to third party customer
Assistant to the Assistant Manager/Administrative Officer in areas such as data consolidation, preparing sales reports. preparing updated inventory stocks available for sales, updating materials pricing, etc.
Coordinate with Quality Department in providing proper paperworks for all aircraft parts & materials despatched to customer.
Coordinate with materials warehousing by providing "instructions to despatch".
Prepare paperworks for retiring rotables materials.
Prepare sales orders for billing via SAP system and submit supporting documents for invoicing purchased orders.





31 years of aviation experience from rank & file to management positions in different departments/divisions of the airline/aviation industry