Termal & Aerodynamics Expertise

  • 自動車部品(ボディー・内装)
  • 研究開発


4 years working in the development & conception of various mechanical systems. Holding many patents in collaboration with automotive and aerospace industry, I propose to share my expertise & forsight to uphold you in solving technical issues & improve your R&D.





Graduated with a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech and an engineering degree from ENSEEIHT, I am currently working as an Aerodynamics engineer for automotive industry. I also worked as research assistant in a GT Lab in improving damage detection technics by acoustics.

• I hold a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, with a concentration in Dynamics, Acoustics and optimization.
• Prior to Georgia Tech, I obtained my Master's Degree in fluid dynamics engineering at ENSEEIHT, a top leading french engineering school, with a concentration in CFD, Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer.