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20 years of experience in Consumer Electronics industry specialize in Business Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Channel Development & Products Planning in the industry.





I am currently working as the General Marketing Manager for Digital Imaging Group of Sony Europe Limited where I’ve been responsible for managing the strategic business unit with 100% KPI on revenue and profitability, regionally and globally, since 2013.
I started my career in marketing at Sony Malaysia back in 1997 as a sales and marketing executive and grew through the ranks into my current position.
I provide cross-functional leadership and direction on complex marketing initiatives aimed at growing the profitability of the pan-European region within the consumer and professional digital imaging products sphere.
Since 2013, my leadership efforts have resulted in a business performance transformation from € -11 million in operating profit in 2013 to € 15 million in 2014.
I am further proud to say that we increased the market share for Sony camcorder from 31% in 2013 to 35% in 2014 and near 55% by mid-2015.
From 2008 to 2013 I worked as the Deputy General Manager overseeing consumer camcorder and peripherals within Asia Pacific.
During that time, I directly contributed to the successful revival of a declining market by introducing a new usage proposition of the projector camcorder.
I further managed the introduction of new market segments in India, Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam – by 2011 the emerging market contributed over 30% to the total category business.
With a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Physics, marketing management and global leadership development and extensive international exposure, I am well-placed to transform large-scale marketing activities into tangible results.
I know how to translate marketing efforts into tangible end-user products that can grow organisational profitability and I am keen to explore opportunities where I can apply my cross-cultural awareness to marketing success.