Logistics & Supply Chain

  • 自動車部品(タイヤ)
  • 物流


10 years of experience at the logistic and supply chain department of the largest tire manufacturer in the world, the Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone. During these 10 years I had different roles and responsibilities in an European scope.
My skills are:
- Design and implementation of routes to market
- Supplier selection and tendering
- Analytics and data visualization
- Warehouse and general operational optimization
- KPI development and implementation
- Continuous improvement programs
- Logistic Network design
- Cost to Serve intelligence development





After 10 years of building logistic experience and developing my skills in a pan-European environment at Bridgestone EMEA, I’m active as a freelance Logistic & Supply Chain Specialist.

My skills are:

- Routes to Market: Design and implementation of same day/night delivery, dropshipment,…
- Tendering & SRM: Warehouse and transport supplier tendering, selection and contracting
- Data Analytics: Analyzing big logistic data
- Process Optimization: Warehouse and general operational optimization
- Logistic KPI's: Development, implementation and visualization of logistic KPI’s
- Continuous improvement: Starting and coordinating CIP’s
- Logistic network design