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2 years experience as a Data Analyst, do researches on markets and user behavior. Build database and Mathematical models to evaluate marketing promotion performance. Data mining and analysis on several platforms to help improve product features and select the best resources. Analyzed performance reports and provided suggestions to decision makers on how to adjust business strategies.





Hi, this is Karen!

I have a Masters degree in Financial Mathematics and various experiences as Quant Analyst, Tech Support Engineer and Data Analyst.

I enjoying optimizing resources by algorithms. I learned some languages such as Python, VBA and R to help me with mathematical analysis and modeling, and glad I polished my skills at both Wall St and Silicon Valley. Every time when I find performance improved under my suggestions, I feel proud of my math skills.

Not only computer languages, human languages are also my advantages. As a trilingual person fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, I can be a good team player and leader. I can efficiently communicate with our and outsourcing teams and hold pipelines in organized.

You are welcomed to send me an email at:
Thank you!