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My duty is to gathering all the requirements from relative parties to make a requirement document for IT development. Furthermore, all the processes which are related to the developing system will be created from end to end process and finally announce to be a bank regulation & policy.
Example of my project
1. Thankchart iNet : Retail Internet Banking
2. Thanachart iBiz : Corporate Internet Banking
3. Thanachart Website
4. PromptPat Credit Transfer
5. PrinptPay E-wallet
6. PromptPay- Request to Pay
7. Prompt Pay - Actual Account
8. Bahtnet
9. Auto Pay





Graduated in Information System (MIS) and MBA-Finance with about 7 years of Banking Business, couple with solid communication (Both Thai and English), computer, analytical and organization skills.

Example of my works;

1) Thanachart iNet: Retail Internet Banking consist with many services such as Fund Transfer, Wire Transfer, View Statement, Loan Payment, Bill Payment, ORFT (Online Retail Funds Transfer) etc.

2) Thanachart iBiz: Corporate Internet Banking consists with many services such as ATS (DD, DC, Payroll), Smart, Wire Transfer, Bahtnet, Bill Payment, Fund Transfer and many PromptPay Products.
Websites All the websites of Thanachart Bank.

3) PromptPay Credit Transfer: Transfer money across PromptPay Bank Members.
PromptPay eWallet Thanachart Bank is a sponsor bank for BluePay and DeepPocket (T2P). There are two main functions, Fund In and Fund Out.

4) PromptPay Request to Pay (RTP or Pay Alert): Send a request for payment to PromptPay receiver.
Bahtnet Transfer big money between Bahtnet member banks.

5) Auto Pay: The service provides a convenience to the customer to register bank account with a merchant to pay for service and product via merchant application/website.