Software Developer

  • システム・ソフトウェア開発(インフラ系)
  • エンジニア


Work as a full-time backend developer.
1) Use Java's Spring and Hibernate Framework to build the backend infrastructure.
2) Yang Modelling to support a data-driven UI Infrastructure.
3) Postgres SQL and MongoDB on the DB end.
4) Python for device/service Packages
My role is to work as a part of Yang-infrastructure team to develop the basic software architecture upon which all the device operations shall take place.
Our product is an Extensible Network Controller which orchestrates the L2-L7 of OSGI Network Layer.
5) Currently working on our new Highly scalable product ATOM using KAFKA,IGNITE,KUBERNETES for a horizontally scalable setup to acquire a multi-server environment for our software to on-board around half a million network devices.





Estudante at NIT Durgapur,a positive optimistic and highly aspiring person actively endulged in competitive coding.A man with diverse knowledge and interests in the fields of gadgets,science,technology,arts,movies,music and a lot more.