Space Recruiter in Finland, IT Recruiter in London, IT Recruiter in Poland, HR/Marketing in Ukraine, Business Developer&Marketing Specialist in Poland

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1 year of professional experience in Recruitment in Space, Medical, IT, Telecommunication, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning sector. Additional working experience in Psychology, HR, Marketing and Tourism. Despite just 1 year in Recruitment, I have a broad knowledge and huge experience dealing with Leading companies in different fields in a global market.
Consultancy topics I can provide:
1. The situation on a global market in the different fields
2. How to find a perfect candidate, LinkedIn professional, boolean search, pitch writing, an art of Persuasion, proceeding candidates, how to make your offer be excepted etc, dealing with clients etc.
4. Tech interview on the advanced level.
3. Tourist's behaviour on the global scope, tourism risk perception, types of tourists, people's attitude towards travelling etc.
4. Intercultural communication.





MSc in Psychology Management from Kozminski University.