Manufacturing Asst. Supervisor

  • EMS
  • エンジニア


3 years with SAMSUNG Electronics did several roles inside the SMT department;
 Repair and Testing
• Performed Soldering and Circuit analysis for defected boards, solved a lot of different
defects and reported analysis results to enhance the quality and reduced the defect
rate by 60 %.
• Shared Defect Trends daily, weekly and monthly with Production Team so we could eliminate defects and improve quality process.
• Controlled Team KPIs and trained 9 new employees in effective diagnostic and repair procedures.
• Operated and execute regular preventive maintenance for X-RAY inspection machine
 Productio
• Track production metrics and team KPIs
• Implemented and supported process improvements, including thorough documentation.
• Monitored production process, completion of production plan, execution rate, production efficiency and defect rate.
• Reviewed the loss reasons and introduced analysis for improvement.
• Reduced the loos rate by 40% and increased the Production efficiency with 10% through one year.
• Performed periodic capacity planning and gab analysis for production lines.
• Verified that all required information was readily available and displayed correctly.
• Developed a plan for preventive maintenance and recorded the results with our tracking system
 Quality and Inspection
•Created Inspection Programs and optimized old programs to reduce time and increase efficiency
•Execute debugging and monitoring for Inspection programs during Production
•Managed and documented the quality metrics on a daily basis
•Applied 5 why analysis technique and tracked the root cause till setup the proper countermeasure
•Tracked raw materials’ problems with suppliers and solved a lot of material issues





Electrical engineer with 4+ years of experience at electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, primarily focused on production process monitoring and adjustment, machine operation and maintenance, Implement and support process improvements. Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities. Punctual and high team leadership skills, enjoys being part of a team, as well as managing, motivating and training a productive team, and thrives in high pressure and challenging working environments. Strong data mining and analysis, strong reporting and troubleshooting skills, and an energetic/self-starter personality.