Financing Marketing - NE Europe

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4 years in IBM Global Financing, responsible for marketing for technology financing in NE Europe:
Developed a new approach to engage IBM Channel Partners and improved penetration rates.
Started to integrate marketing with IBM's services, software & hardware brands to build the leasing business;
Identified growth opportunities for IBMs commercial financing business.





I’m a marketing leader with broad experience: I’ve been a brand manager; I’ve worked in direct and channel marketing; and I’ve carried out these roles with local, country and European responsibilities.

My early sales career has helped me develop a customer focus that characterizes my approach. My work has often lead to new approaches in the business areas for which I am responsible, with demonstrable results.

My experience covers both ends of the captive finance spectrum: I worked to launch and establish a brand new captive at Dell; while at IBM I helped one of the more mature captive financiers to improve its business, especially its approach to financing services and selling finance through third parties.

I’m a Fellow of the Leasing Foundation and a member of its Catalysts group, which provides thought leadership to the industry. I am a mentor in the Henley Business School Alumni Mentoring Programme.

Specialties: Financing, Product marketing; Sales enablement; channel marketing; international marketing.