Drilling engineer

  • エネルギー(石油開発・精製)
  • エンジニア


Multiple roles onshore and offshore with varied experience in ERD, platform drilling and deepwater. Drilling lead for multi-billion dollar project to build an offshore platform. Lead engineer for a deepwater development project and for deepwater exploration. Assignment locations include Russia, South Korea, Vietnam and US Gulf of Mexico.





I am a chemical engineer with a variety of experience in refining, chemicals and upstream. I graduated from Louisiana State University in 2011 and worked domestically and internationally for ExxonMobil as a drilling engineer. I currently work as an Operations Manager in Grace's largest refining catalyst plant. Past roles include a rotating assignment to an onshore rig, Yastreb, on Sakhalin Island, an expatriate assignment in the DSME Shipyard in Okpo, South Korea, an expatriate assignment in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, a rotating assignment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam supporting a deepwater exploration project, lead engineer over the Julia deepwater drilling project in the US GOM and process superintendent at the W.R. Grace Lake Charles catalyst manufacturing facility.