Security architect

  • 警備保障
  • エンジニア


More than 17 years in the cybersecurity industry, Cyber warfare and Cyber protection methods and strategies.
Deep technical and business knowledge.





Senior Cybersecurity Professional and Security Architect with a deep knowledge of network and application security, cybersecurity strategy, and security controls. Proven experience leading complex, large-scale projects in diverse business environments with multiple stakeholders & needs. Strong communication and interpersonal skills - developing cohesive teams to execute projects in a timely and effective manner. Offer an uncompromising work ethic and a passion for understanding cutting-edge IT and security trends.

19 years of experience in Information Security and Infrastructure Management in global companies Proven managerial and communication skills in a dynamic global environment
Deep professional knowledge in various IT Infrastructure areas

• Enterprise projects management: architecture, planning and hands-on
* Cloud security - Infrastructure, federation and controls
• Heterogeneous teams management
• Risk and Security governance
• Information Leakage Prevention (ILP / DLP)
• Enterprise Information Security policies writing and implementing
• Real-Time Enterprise heterogeneous environment monitoring
• Vulnerability management and assessment
• Working with Financial, Insurance, Telecom, Military and Government