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I started my online store back in 2017 and I also have a Facebook page. I am marketing products through affiliate marketing on the Facebook page from different retail companies. My online store website have my own products too having me as an author.





I am a Layman, Civilian and a Commoner who has a variety of skills and Interests on diverse subjects. I want to use my talents to effective use and make a significant contribution to the workforce and society. I can work as a volunteer and offer assistance as a vocational endeavor, but I am open to freelance or full time work in my fields of expertise. I like to write and practice it a lot, I am into writing Books.I am Passionate about Investigation, Researching, Studying and Experimentation. I try to be scientific and would like to obtain knowledge of interest and discover new things. I can have an open mind on any subject and respect other individuals belief and respect their culture and traditions. I have been educated in doing a lot of research on behavior, gathering and analyzing data that can be useful in deduction and verifying facts.