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Over 14 years of IT experience with various big organizations like IBM. Worked on various complex projects with a lot of parties and carried different roles from developer to team lead to support analyst to consultant.




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Chee Tat has been with his current employer since August 2015 and he's earned 3 SPOT Awards so far. During his high school time, Chee Tat was inspired by Bill Gates and decided to learn programming (Visual FoxPro) by himself. After high school, Chee Tat continued to pursue a Bachelor degree in Information Technology. He did very well in all the programming subjects as well as Counter Strike during his university life. He's earned a Dean List. Chee Tat started his first job in startup - AMS. That's where he sharpened his skills in Full-stack Java Web Development, Software Design, and soft skills such as requirements gathering with client, client-handling during UAT, client training and "how to drive in and out from Singapore". 8 months later, AMS decided to promote Chee Tat as Team Lead after seeing his leadership potential. 4 years later, Chee Tat joined IBM via head hunter. Started as an individual contributor, Chee Tat was playing around with many IBM Middleware/SOA products such as MQ, WMB and etc. Chee Tat also designed and built many Java programs combined with other IBM Middleware products as interfaces to the clients' legacy systems. 1 year later he was promoted as SOA Adapter Team Lead to lead 3-5 developers. Chee Tat's won 3 awards during his service with IBM. 6 years later, Chee Tat bid farewell to IBM and joined ON Semiconductor in the Middleware team. After that, Chee Tat joined his current company to explore the Product Development & Support area (DevOps, Kanban, Scrum). He constantly demonstrates strong Software Forensic and Solution Discovery skills here. He's earned 2 Spot Awards so far. Chee Tat is a fans of Personal Development & Continuous Learning. He believes "Knowledge in Breadth is the key to Creativity Breakthrough". He loves writing more and managed to publish a book which is available in all the bookstores in Malaysia. He also ran Facebook Page for World Vision Malaysia for a few months.