Onsite support Engineer

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  • IT保守
  • エンジニア

 Responsible for supporting Airport Network and CUTE System
 Responsible for CUTE equipment repair and servicing.
 Create Trouble Ticket for each incident
 Performing preventive maintenance for all CUTE
 Update Daily activity into online AVMA.
 Visual check Core Room equipment LED status
 Restart All CUTE IWK(SITA Equipment)
 Ping and check health status for check-in and gate switches.
 Ping test MH Host , 3K Host and Ping test gateway
 Check CPU and Memory utilization for PEN CORE Switch. PEN1-3750-1A and PEN1-3750-1B
 Check CPU and Memory utilization for PEN CORE Switch. PEN-DC01 and PEN-DC02
 Reimage SITA workstation for any file corrupted and unable to launch VPS
 Monitor on NAV server Definition file update and follow instruction sent by SCC PSM Team(Bohemia)
 Sent escalation report to management for service/system fail
 Sent email to IT operation to reset /unlock KC O TA address for SILK Airline
 Ping Gateway for Cathay Pacific monitoring procedure
 Able to provide 2nd level support, identify the cause
and solution of the bug as well as the severity of the
issue reported.
 Must ensure that notification & escalation procedures
are adhered to, in particular for all severity 0 and 1.
 Must ensure that all customer implementations are
conducted and completed as per the agreed
Statement of Work, project plan and performance
measures defined.
 Check on work order update (Server Database update)
 Providing on-site support to the CUTE users as well as
 Off-site support by roster hand phone standby.
 Installation and configuration of the CUTE system
 Components with focus on the hardware and the Firmware.




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Experienced Network Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Management, Customer Service, Engineering, and Business Development. Strong information technology professional graduated from Sekolah Menengah Vokasional Butterworth. I am a team player, set and achieve long and short term goals, good analytically and problem solving skills. I believed with my knowledge and experienced in these field will help me to contribute a great deal for your company.