Marketing Manager - Digital Imaging (Jun 2008 - Mar 2013)

  • マーケティング
  • 商品企画


I worked at Product Planning Group of Digital Imaging Division, Samsung Electronics and was actively involved in digital camera line-up planning. I defined the new model project assigned to in-house members or ODM (Original Development Manufacturing) resources. Working on new product development, I launched 15 models onto the market, which sold over 10 million in total worldwide. One of them, SL820 was ranked as "The best point-and-shoot camera under $400" from "", the technology review website and another top-selling model, TL100 was placed at the US-based "Best Buy" as a regular sale item for the first time in Samsung Camera history. And finally, I made Wi-Fi Camera project a success and presented WB150F as the first fruit, which became a rapid best seller amid extensive "Shoot and Share" campaigns.
Since then, I had devised and implemented new business models by applying Wi-Fi enabled cameras through co-development partnerships with "Google Plus" and the wireless and cloud service providers including "KT" in Korea. As a result, the partners' networking platform was brought to "Samsung Smart Camera", which successfully introduced to the global market as an always-connected device.