R&D Prototype Shop Group Leader

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  • 自動車部品(ボディー・内装)
  • 研究開発

Key Responsibilities:
1. Work with Germany headquarters and other subsidiaries worldwide to plan, coordinate, manage and support each prototype build project in Malaysia, for worldwide customers (eg. qualification)
2. Procedure, process flow and work instruction (under TS16949) review, revision and execution
3. Coordinate local inter-departmental / global activities and global management team e.g. project meeting
1. Setup Prototyping Facility and Organization, then transferred prototyping operation to M’sia:
a. defined role and responsibility, training and supervise
b. worked with Germany headquarter to define the global and local process and projects
2. Achieved the most comprehensive capability among the global Prototype Shops except headquarter:
a. Electronics - Source and purchasing of prototype PCB, component, test equipment
- in house assemble with Surface Mount Pick & Place Machine and reflow
b. Mechanical - Source and purchasing of prototype part, tool and equipment locally and remotely
- tuning, assemble, check fitting, tolerance, system functionality, limit & user experience.
c. Illumination - tampo/pad/silk print/light filter film, housing/button profile and keypad structure tuning
- light source location and transmission path optimization
3. Led group to deliver 30k pcs prototype (product/subassembly) contributes to part of value about Eur 20k, in 119 projects in 6 years, with each project within few weeks, often few projects in parallel.




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~15 years technical background in electrical & electronics, mechanical, optic etc., in product & process from R&D, NPI to manufacturing, down to component / material level; worked with (supporting) team members to resolve various issues and potential issues, ensured on time shipment, cost and quality.