Manufacturing Engineer

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Key Responsibilities:
1. Lead E&E subsystem cross-functional teams between HP and contract manufacturers to achieve product performance/quality by resolving day-to-day product issues (Yield/Audit, Shipment, Supply)
2. Support New Product Introduction activities and implement productivity & cost-reduction opportunities
3. Process audits and effective closure, operational excellence and improve contract manufacturers
- Introduced and managed 14 products (highest volume of a product was 500k units per month) in multiple production sites and meet all shipment targets until End-Of-Life (as key subsystem owners for E&E)
- Introduced 4 cost-reduced products to production and meet all shipment targets until End-Of-Life to save more than 6 million USD (as key subsystem owners for E&E)
- As E&E lead for new Cell Line concept Review, Improvement and Qualification for cost reduction ~3%
- Resolved “Design For Manufacturing” issue of Door Sensor Transistor too close to the rib and potentially causing high workmanship reject, by working with the team for design change
- Led different supporting groups to resolve few Line Down issues within 2-3 days, such as LCD White Screen due to bent ESD Ground Clip and No/intermittent LCD backlight due to Cold Solder, by risk assessment, maintain supply, qualification of rescreened part and robust CA & PA.
- Prevented line down by resolved high production & audit reject, such as Paper Jam caused by material (DDR RAM) batch, through controlling batch of material and pulling supply in time.
- Ensured the ESD Compliance by resolve all finding, improved line setup, checklist and training, such as resolved 1.4% LCD burned due to ESD generated during peeling off the protective film, by ionizer.
- Drove continuous improvement of product and contract manufacturer to achieve tightening target, by leading the development of Control Panel NPI DFX and Line setup checklist




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~15 years technical background in electrical & electronics, mechanical, optic etc., in product & process from R&D, NPI to manufacturing, down to component / material level; worked with (supporting) team members to resolve various issues and potential issues, ensured on time shipment, cost and quality.