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General management consulting, research and business development work with Mirant, Wyeth, Zuellig, and a myriad other small and medium firms in IT, online publishing, research, retail finance, insurance, distribution, and trading, has kept me occupied in my first decade after graduating with an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management in 2004 Recent engagements in retail lending and business development in renewable energy distribution and general technology and goods distribution are generating ideas for startups.
I have passionate, wide-ranging interests and engagements in management consulting, business development, general research, and entrepreneurship in various industries, including power, publishing, pharmaceuticals, insurance, retail finance, goods distribution, and IT. I have undergraduate degrees in Physics and Computer Engineering from the Ateneo de Manila. Prior to my MBA, I worked for ten years in Unilever, the Japanese technology firm Topmax, Unisys, and SAS in various business development and technology roles.