Global Sales operating from USA

  • 窯業(耐火物)
  • 海外営業/海外進出


Value add-oriented, customer-focused global sales leader who consistently creates win-win solutions that position industryleading
companies as Solution Providers with large-scale global key accounts. Two decades of sales, marketing, product
management, and global supply chain/sourcing success building global presence and multimillion dollar sales pipelines at
minimum working capital requirements and maximum margins. Leverage cross-cultural understanding and communication
skills to manage effectively in global settings and in face of industry consolidations and downturns. Keen understanding of
industrial high-temperature processing coupled with extensive metallurgical and mechanical engineering background.
Ø Drove global implementation of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) method that cemented flagship account relationship.
Ø Created key account structure that drove sales by enabling diversion of resources toward value-add technical services.
Ø Optimized working capital by identifying/addressing cost drivers including freight, inventory, and accounts receivable.
Ø Tapped for select executive team that reestablished bankrupted business to rank as premier North American supplier