Sales engineer in noida / gr noida

  • エレベーター
  • 事業開発


• Responsible for assigned sales targets (monthly, quarterly and annually).
• Goals set for targets: month on month, maintaining relationship with target customers, customer service, ensuring high quality work on investments by clients, sales support and aim to not deviate from standards of company
• Document collection, Provided activity data to client., Promoting the Brand & Encouraging the Sales through PMC’s & Architects, Establishing a healthy relationship with purchase heads & Site personells, Effectively handled the Claim Settlement, Promoting Sales through Visibility in my area.
• Operating Internet, Updating all records and documents (Hard copy as well as Soft copy), Data Entry, Updating accounts, Compiling reports, Networking with different departments to ensure proper and timely respose.
• Getting order through perserved follow ups.
• Proper execution of order and dispatching material on time.
• Follow up for payment.
• Developing new clients for future.
• Maintain good relation with client.
• Utilized strong interpersonal and communications skills to serve customers;





My primary goal is to become the best in anything I do through a sincerely smart and practical approach
And some professional experiences which I have is that everything can be achieved through patience and determination