• 不動産(建設コンサル)
  • コンサルタント/リサーチ


1. Provide engineering services prior to volume manufacturing such as electrical design (Circuitry Design & Multilayer PCB Layout), product development (Digital & Analogue Product Design & Development) and industrial design.
2. Provide broad range of manufacturing services such as system integration and manufacturing, process design and testing.
3. Responsible for release of proposals and products, tools and dies approvals, electrical analysis, solving the problems occurred during manufacturing, quality control checks.
4. To maintain a good communication with the customer and coordinate them.
5. To develop the computer model to determine the inductance, capacitance, effective dielectric, impedance, cross talk and propagation delay for multiple conductors.
6. To test the samples using the equipments like spectrum analyzer, CRO, TDR.
7. To coordinate in the development of the new product.
8. To manage all the tasks from the production to launching of the new product.
9. To develop the advanced production process to upgrade the quality of the new product.
10. Manage team of technician in support of the production operations and maintenance;
11. Budgeting and product costing management - Cost Effectiveness Engineering Service.





Ambitious, Confident and Determined.

My objectives:
(1) to provide a university research environment where teams of undergraduate and graduate students can work under the supervision of faculty and professional engineers;
(2) to foster the innovation, development, and testing of technologies that can be used to address sustainable energy issues in the developing world; and
(3) to provide services in database development and maintenance; the testing and improvement of existing technologies; technology transfer; and education and training.