Head International Marketing

  • マーケティング
  • 事業開発


- Proven recruitment results across 5+ years of service.
- Applied Blue Ocean Strategy principles & frameworks for value innovation.
- Organized promotional and branding projects to create awareness & acceptance.
- Trained & Developed the recruitment and promotion teams for effective, on-ground results.
- Budgeting, including incentives for partners and teams, & regular assessments of the progress.
- Set parameters for product & market development and market extension.
- Guiding Content Management for social & print media.
- Strong liaison with faculty members to increase involvement in recruitment & marketing drives.





A practitioner of Blue Ocean Strategy and a keen observer of latest trends In Education, Digital Marketing and Training & Development, Umar has established himself as one of the renowned figure in his circle of influence and presence. Exemplary results on job and relations off it have given him confidence, tools and channels to deliver the goals he sets for himself or is made responsible of by organization.
His friendly, often mischievous yet respectful and observant personality helps him win friends with relative ease. Good at listening and even better at saying, Umar can be a team-player and a leader in any environment, any given day, twice on Sundays.