Country Manager

  • エネルギー(石油開発・精製)
  • 海外営業/海外進出


Experience in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Represented several European Companies in the Energy sector





Based in Asia since 2002, I have experienced many aspects of Asian businesses and cultures.

Started with PIC / Marubeni Energy Group in Kuala Lumpur. Here I supplied high-end professionals to Power Plant Project throughout Asia and the Middle East.

In 2003 I became Project Manager & Commercial Regional Manager for NEM Energy Services (NES) in Singapore. NES is selling a combination of German and Dutch boiler services (60 t/h and higher) and related products. I was responsible for all sales, procurement, project management and support of projects in Asia. Our customers varied from Shell in Brunei to Thai Oil and ARC in Thailand. Even in Bangladesh, we gave our project support.

In 2004 I had the opportunity to become Managing Director for Stork Gears & Services in Singapore. Here I was responsible for full P & L and overall management of the office. The core competence of Stork Gears & Service Asia is the manufacturing of gears to the shipping, power, and petrochemical industries.

Shifting to CPG, I held a position at Stiebel Eltron Asia as a Product Director in Bangkok, Thailand. Heading a team of 30, my responsibility ranges from marketing, research and development to after sales service, with people management skills in a multicultural environment.

I returned to the heavy industry via a Danish Biomass Power Plant Producer (DPCleanTech) where I assisted potential Clients to Development and Manage Projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. After this, I briefly worked in the upstream Oil & Gas Industry for David Brown UK where I was selected as a High Potential Leader.

Advancing my career and becoming a global-level leader, I currently serve as Global Partnership lead for The Arabian Pipeline Company (ANABEEB) in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I am responsible for the sale and global partnership management.