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21 years experience as Company Director of C.A.R.E. Ltd. Technical specialisation in pyrolysis, gasification and combustion, focusing on development and commercialisation of technologies, trouble-shooting, design and build. Responsible for the development of the business with a longer-term strategy of building a specialist service in bio-energy, recruiting highly qualified staff experienced in thermal biomass conversion. Presently involved in biomass and waste gasification projects, techno-economic assessment and feasibility studies for major multinational company, private companies and major multi-national utilities. Work carried out internationally for a range of organisations all over the world




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I have 27+years practical and design experience in gasification, pyrolysis and combustion for the production of heat, power, combined heat and power and renewable chemicals and products. For over 21 years I've been a Director of C.A.R.E. Ltd., working primarily in biomass and wastes gasification and pyrolysis. I've been an Expert to the European Commission since 2000 and have had roles of expert, moderator and rapporteur for evaluations, independent expert for other private institutions and a former independent assessor to the UK BERR and DTI Technology Programme, specialising in bio-energy and other international activities. My aim is to develop my company by the recruitment of experienced professionals in renewable energy, particularly in advanced thermal conversion, supporting high profile projects primarily in Europe and North America, with expansion into Africa with biochar projects and pyrolysis in the Far East. Specialties: Practical experience in the design, installation and operation of biomass gasifiers and pyrolysis plants; sourcing of commercial technologies for a range of wastes and biomass types for commercial applications; due diligence of biomass gasification and pyrolysis systems; sourcing of financing for research and development, demonstration; design of bio-energy systems; techno-economic assessment of bio-energy systems.