Chief Technology Officer

  • システムインテグレーター
  • コンサルタント/リサーチ


15 years experience in R&D of sensor technology for applications in food, agriculture and environment monitoring. 8 years experience of field validation of IoT sensor technology in real farms. We are expert in development of electronic nose technology for food & agriculture industries as well as IoT sensor monitoring in agriculture, environment and factories.





I am university lecturer, researcher, inventor and entrepreneur. I am very passionate with intelligent technologies. Currently, I am doing the followings as daily life.

(1) Teaching and doing research at Mahidol University
(2) Developing 2 start-up companies related to smart farm, smart home and smart healthcare.
(3) Transferring of technology/innovation created at our Lab to any interested companies.
(4) Doing contract research, outsourced short-term and long-term research work, development of prototypes from around the world.

We are accepting any outsourced research works on the following schemes.

- Electronic nose for the industry : desktop and portable electronic noses, beverages, beers, wines, food quality, rice, seafood, coffee/tea, healthcare, cosmetics, environment monitoring, air monitoring, flying electronic nose for air quality monitoring.
- Wireless sensor networks
- Precision farming : smart farm, microclimate monitoring, weather station, soil sensors, environment monitoring, tractor tracking, sensor robot, agricultural drone.
- Smart aquaculture : water sensor networks, floating sensors.
- Smart healthcare : smart pillow, smart shoes, smart shirt, smart toilet, disease detection based on electronic nose.
- Smart home : activity monitoring, sleep monitoring, smart energy, security, camera networks.

For more information on my works, projects, papers and innovation, please look at my CV.