The New Logistics Level in ASEAN

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25 years experience in Manufacturing, Export and Local Warehousing and Distribution - 20 years in the Philippines and 5 years in Indonesia. Specializes in resolving conflicts in the Supply Chain. Been with 3 Multi National Corporations and 2 Local Companies. Currently based in Manila, Philippines setting up 8 Transition Warehouses and 5 Mega DCs.




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In the 24 years in Supply Chain and Logistics I learned how to market and innovate with People and Product for Sustainability through TENACITY and DETERMINATION 10 times better. Summarized below are my expertise that I can share to the company: End-to-End Supply Chain • I have been handling Back-of-Factory Logistics to Distribution Logistics for most of my Logistics career. • I have implemented a process of on-going improvement in factory, inbound transportation, warehousing, distribution, outbound transportation, reverse logistics, distribution centers and customer logistics. • I have saved and/or avoided cost for more than USD 1,000,000 through different projects and was able to increase profits for more than 25% for the last 5 years. • I have implemented Theory of Constraints and 4DX in planning and executing process improvements. • I handled self-directed work teams and experienced successes of these teams through Total Quality Management for more than 10 years • I have implemented Vendor Management Programs in 3 major companies I worked with for the last 5 years. Specialties: Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Business Process Excellence, Project Management, Systems designing & process auditing, ISO/QAKE Documentation/Training/Auditing, Self-Directed Team building, Good Warehousing & Container Yard Practices, 5S, End-to-end Supply Chain-Logistics Info Systems and Monitoring, Lean Management, Statistical Process Control, and implementor of CTPAT, ENS, GT Nexus, SAP, WMS and Business Development.