Factory Manager

  • 自動車部品(ボディー・内装)
  • 生産管理


PT. Union Sakti Pratama
1. Human Resource -Plan and execute full HR spectrum to create working friendly environment -Structure and execute human resource policies to best practice possible -Train and training -Plan welfare and benefits for employees such as basic working amenities, salary review, etc. -Recruit and conduct induction programmes -Manage, program and monitor clock-in, clock-out management system -Liaison and engage relevant government departments for expatriates employment and working visa registrations and all relevant matters 2. Sales and Marketing -Find clients and create a business network -Arrange meetings and business negotiations -Make business presentations -Open and close sales, after sales performance -Work with Production to ensure in-time manufacturing and delivery schedules of moulds -Work with mould engineers and designers in discussion of mould production schedule, mould flow designs with clients -Translate documents -Interpret between clients and managers in various languages (Japanese, Indonesia, English, Chinese) -Attend business discussions at meals 3. Factory Management -Factory store stock control, including create and manage FIFO, 5S and security of tools and materials -Arrange and monitor factory cleanliness, mould placement, security, renovations and machine calibrations -Execute "Safety First" among employees and visitors -Monitor in-time delivery of production -General affairs of employees, entire building, amenities, tools and materials
Note: On 1 year contract basis





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