Spiritual Life Coaching

  • HR(研修・社会人教育)
  • 海外営業/海外進出


He has more than 15 years of vast experiences in training the youth, parents and educators in the area of Personal Development and Character Building for an International Organization called Sukyo Mahikari, Character Based Leadership Training for Colleges and Corporate Character for Companies. Also he has attended many International Youth Leadership training in Japan, America, Australia, India, Singapore and Malaysia.
He inspires, leads, educates and informs people, helping them to realize their true inherent potential. His common sense approach and deeply held beliefs have motivated many to re-evaluate their attitudes. His many years of research, understanding and experience has helped hundreds people in the path of personal growth and fulfillment. His approach is that, given the proper knowledge and guidance, anyone can attain better health, improved relationship, and in general a successful happier life.





Through the years, our growth has been steady and consistent with its commitments to the community and its clients’ needs worldwide. We have responded to the changing business climates by adding versatility to meet these challenges with innovative ideas and methodologies.

Our business philosophy is to offer professional services and distinctive ideas for each type of project, giving our clients full value for each dollar that they invested. We pay close personal attention, from the start to finish, on each project with attentions to details, quality system and procedures, and job progress.

1. Industrial Property consultant And Business Setup
2. International Trading in Building Material And Oil & Gas.
3. Coaching and Training for NGO for 15 years
4. Mining and Investment
5. Venture capitalist, private equities and direct investments.
6. Field Of environmental service industry And Clean Energy System