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24+ years in the petrochemicals and oil & gas industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Expert in executive management of energy power, petroleum engineering and trading companies at international level. A long term adviser to key the major traders in retail market.
Investment management and corporate advisory expert. Experience working leadership positions in companies and projects for Oil & Gas, petrochemical energy, special metal and food industries.
Experienced in negotiating, structuring and growing investments, strategic management, business development, sales & marketing, new project/business set up





I am the President of CNM is an Investment Management and Corporate Advisory firm established in Israel,Vietnam and Hongkong.

Our principal investments are made on behalf of our firm’s proprietary book as well as select third-party clients. Our corporate advisory services are offered to select entities, where there is an opportunity for us to enhance the shareholder value. Our unique and disciplined investment strategy and hands-on portfolio management approach ensure measurable, lasting results, which generate significant, long-term shareholder value.Complexities of modern investment are often beyond the grasp of even experienced investors. Multiple competing interests and increasingly busy lifestyles leave little opportunity for the time-consuming analysis and hands-on portfolio management critical to effective investing.

With a highly-experienced team of world-class financial and operational experts,CNM not only augments your financial success through strong investment performance; we also have a positive impact on the companies and assets in which we invest.

Whether it is capital or expertise that is required, our broad-base, deep-knowledge retinue of professional executives and entrepreneurs co-invest in every single deal.

CNM can also offer effective management strategies and tactics, training, coaching and mentoring for enterprises facing multiple threats from a variety of sources:

The team, with its deep experience, international certified is then able to negotiate, structure, and grow the investments in-line with the investors’ expectations. We are a group of companies including

1. UPC Holding Co Ltd. Fund Management, Isreal
2. UPC E & C Co Ltd. Energy builder, VN
3. RDA Group ( BVI, Hong Kong). Energy Trading, BVI
4.Nhon Group. Energy and Facility Management, VN
5. CNM International Co Ltd. Vietnam, Energy Consultant, VN
5. Leader Consultant Co Ltd. Vietnam, Coach and Consultant, Vietnam