Adventure Motorbike Tour Guide

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  • 接客/販売/個人営業


Working both as the marketing manager for Explore Indochina and as a motorbike tour guide. My role was to meet the groups on arrival in Vietnam and care for them during the motorbike tour, handling all their needs throughout their stay. Managing groups of up to 20 riders for up to 14 days. I have now traveled extensively around Vietnam including many small tracks, trails and remote areas unlikely to have been seen by most foreigners or the majority of Vietnamese nationals. Through this work I also have also learnt much about the Vietnamese history and culture and visited numerous sites of historical significance and areas of breathtaking beauty.
During the last four years I have also built a great network of friends and business colleagues throughout the country.
I have travelled extensively around Vietnam, staying in 100's of Hotel, visiting all of the tourism areas numerous times and know all of the major towns in detail, most of the smaller towns and even villages and Vietnamese home stays.