Network Engineer

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12 years experience in various roles from operations, planning, implementations, pre-sales of network engineering in fixed line operators, 3G/4G mobile operators,iptv operators and international vendors.




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Goals: Currently exploring the startup scene with intention to develop a MVP. Reacquainting myself on coding with focus on Ruby on Rails, Python and Swift. To lead teams to success in delivering NGN multimedia and internet services via mobile devices and High speed broadband whilst grasping full business concepts and acumen. To broaden my horizons in NGN (next generation networks), mobile (LTE, HSDPA+, Wimax, IMS, IPTV) and deepen my knowledge in IP technologies Skill Years Proficiency Cisco, Juniper routers & switches 5 Advanced Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS, OSPF, BGP, QOS 4 Advanced Linux, OSX, Windows 2000/2003 4 Advanced Ericsson/Redback, Extreme, Huawei routers & switches 3 Intermediate Protocol Analyzers (Wireshark, Netscout) 3 Intermediate TDM/SDH, DWDM optical transport network 3 Intermediate DSL, PON first mile access 3 Intermediate Netscreen Firewalls, IPSec VPN 2 Intermediate 3G Packet Core, Wimax IP Core, LTE EPS Architecture 1 Intermediate IMS Architecture/protocols (SIP, Diameter, Radius, RTP) , IPTV (PIM,IGMP) 1 Intermediate Training Year Ericsson, Advance Workshop for SmartEdge 2010 Ericsson, MCMA-MPBN Course MSS In Mobile-PBN Advanced Hands On 2009 ZTE, EPON Training in Malaysia (B-Level) 2008 Redback, Multi-Service Edge Platform (Bras/BNG) 2008 Huawei, S8500 Series Lan Switch and CX Series Metro 2007 Juniper, Advanced VPN 2007 Juniper, Advanced Training MPLS 2007 Cisco, Implementing Enterprise LAN Networks with QOS 2007