Asset-based Community-Driven Development

  • 農場
  • コンサルタント/リサーチ


- Help community development workers and officers from provinces of the project to differentiate externally-driven development from community-driven development;
- Introduce and explain main principles of ABCD approach
- Help community development workers and officers to understand and know how to identify, map out and organize assets for planning community development plan;
- Analyze and promote role of a catalyst (the gaper) in facilitating community driven development plan and how to help the community carry out the plan;
- Instruct development workers and officers to integrate community plan prepared based on ABCD approach with other socio-economic development plans of the Government in order to utilize external resources optimally for the community’s plan
- Support development workers and officers to apply ABCD approach in their work to build up action plans





Goal: Expert in Natural Resources Management and Community Development

Professional experience:
Rural community development
Livelihood development
Natural resources management with focus on water resources

Specialties: Natural resources management and community development