Developing Business Through Financial Perspective

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Through background aa business coach, real job employment was offered for me which I accepted as a new challenge in a large manufacturing plant in Central Java. Not only in Finance, I also have background in IT and HR studies, which I complemented in the job. From a poor HR management, I improved the standard to the highest in town. The company was losing money every month when I arrived. After setting a strict operating standard, established IT-based system, and some business strategies applied, the company turned its first profitable year during my second full year.





I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals and bring their passions and desires to life. If you are looking into driving growth to your business, I’m excited to help you turn your dreams into a reality. With years of experience from serving in leadership positions in the corporate world, I enjoy helping my clients navigate a changing business world. My experience in helping companies discover new ways to drive growth and sales while saving on their expenses has helped me to build several entities from the ground-up. Together, we can work together to craft a strategy that will improve your company’s bottom line and job performance.

Let’s Connect! This is a partnership and together we’ll help you to craft a strategy that works for you and that will best fit your financial picture. I’m confident that my business knowledge, connections and unparalleled client service makes me the best choice to help you. To get started, please message me so we can get started. Your first consultation is free as this is our time to get to know each other and see if we would be a great fit!