Business Analyst in Indonesia

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  • 金融(都市銀行)
  • 経営企画/経営管理

An enthusiastic business analyst with more than two years of experience and excellent knowledge on Indonesia's bank customer and current financial market business environment. Experienced in producing customer-related business insights and multi-year strategy for product divisions. Other expertise include:
▪ Define, refine, and communicate customer segmentation criteria to product divisions and branch organization

▪ Analyze the company’s risk weighted profit pool, current and potential market position to identify prioritization of customer segments

▪ Assess broad customer behaviors and needs over the lifecycle (product and service needs, contact preferences, pain points) as a guidance for product divisions as they design specific value propositions especially for Priority Membership customers

▪ Produce multi-year segment strategy as the company Customer Division’s roadmap to produce long-term action plans

▪ Develop CLV model to assess lifetime value of individual customers

▪ Regularly monitor and prepare presentation materials to the Board of Directors on the company’s individual customer segment business performance

▪ Perform regular assessment of segmentation usage across products and branches




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Business Analyst with firsthand experience in producing customer-centric business initiatives and operating model for Business Units to meet Individual Client Segmentation requirements at every Branch Offices across Indonesia. With an international exposure, competent and enjoys working in a multi-cultural environment from years of leadership experiences in various university organizations.