Purchasing officer for component and service parts

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5 years in automotive industry as Purchasing Officer. At the beginning, i was in charge of rubber and resin part. In total, i handled about 15 suppliers. I negotiated to them about the deal price of parts. In addition, i must ensure availability of material in all suppliers to sufficient our needs. In my third year to present i have been handling a stamping part in my speciality. I did the same method as my former when charging rubber resin parts. On other hand, i have been learning the process of making parts in both rubber resin and stamping. I have conducted international buyer training at toyota asia pasific-thailand.





1. Understand and appreciate the importance of Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
2. Build and deliver against a detailed Strategic Purchasing Framework
3. - Baseline current position
- Profile the market
- Build, manage and review the tender process
- Select the right Suppliers
- Transition the Supply Base
4. Effectively monitor, measure and manage Suppliers
5. Achieve significant improvements in service delivery and cost reduction