Project Manager

  • 通信工事
  • 経営者


The latest projects I managed were the Malaysian and Singapore segments of the AAE-1 project and the Italian segments of the Gulf Bridge International (GBI) network which is a 100G XTERA optical network spanning from the Gulf States through Egypt to Italy. In these projects, I enjoyed the challenge of coordinating and overseeing the commissioning and upgrade activities of a big number of local sites with different regional sub-contractors. On the ground, I was the talk-to person for the project clients, and I coordinated with the XTERA labs, the various local installation / commissioning teams and the NOC to bring optimum solutions to the client’s requirements.
The nature of the global projects I have worked on has given me much local experience working with various telecommunications operators as well as multinational clients, and I strongly believe that this has not only enhanced my interpersonal and liaising skills, but also trained me to solve problems and organize work efficiently.