Reservoir and Operations Geology Advisor

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Irfan Hendrawan is a versatile geologist with more than 26 years of industrial experience (9 years in Southeast Asia, 14 years in the Middle East and almost 4 years in North Africa). Worked for TOTAL, ADNOC onshore (ADCO) and REPSOL. He has broad knowledge and experiences in petroleum geology i.e.: reservoir geology, 3D static modeling, data management, petrophysical interpretation, operations geology, well-site geology, cost control, etc.
He holds progressive career with overall complete role from technical staff to managing technical team, during his career He worked as logging engineer, mining surface geologist, well-site geologist, petrophysicist, operations-geologist, snr. operations geologist, head of operations geologist (1 year acting), snr. Geomodeler / reservoir geologist, snr. review geologist, snr. reservoir geologist, reservoir studies coordinator, and reservoir geologist advisor as well as technical advisor at Repsol.
A respected coach, computer minded, sensitive to data quality, He has been working for major international operators (oil and gas companies), both onshore and offshore, He has experiences in marine & glacial siliciclastics and carbonates reservoirs, from depleted to over pressured reservoirs, including gas and oil fields, in the stages of exploration, development as well as mature field, Moreove he has experience in extensive horizontal drilling and multilateral with state of the art technology.
He has exposed in any working conditions from high to low security conditions. From flying camp in the isolated jungle of Borneo, drilling rig in the harsh desert environment of Sahara, drilling rigs in the offshore Mahakam delta and drilling rig in the Arabian Gulf open marine, to comfortable office environment.




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26 years+ experience in oil and gas: Technical executor, coordinator, and advisor for major oil and gas operating company in Reservoir Geology, Development Geology, Geocelullar modelling, and Geology Operations. Full exposure in: -Field cycles from exploration to development and to mature oil and gas fields operations. -HPHT, normal and depleted reservoirs. -Carbonates and Siliciclastics shallow marine and glacial depositional environments. -Geosteering and logging technology in horizontal wells. -Data management and geocomputation/geomodeling. -Southeast Asia, Middle East, and North Africa