SMB Director at Microsoft India


1. Created compelling annual and monthly business plan/ propositions based on business models and product focus of Distributors
2. Developed strategies to manage the partners working capital investment and improve their ROI
3. Conducted and led multiple workshop to arrive at highest joint priorities with distributors through joint marketing
4. Reviewed current mix of partners ; upgrade & recruits new partners in line with changing required of the business
5. Collaborated with other Microsoft segments to ensure readiness and enablement of the channel ecosystem, ensure preparedness for new product launches
6. Led PBP associated with quarterly & monthly revenue targets of all partners and conducted review to identify the gaps and facilitate the implementation of enablers
7. Own Strategic Engagement with 41 Sub D Partners across the country & fuel the Breadth Engine by closely monitoring the RFY metrics
8. Enabled, equip & drive revenue thru Sub d engine by ensuring timely readiness & rolling out & landing strategic marketing programs





I have held senior roles in Business Management, Sales & Business Development across various geographies around the globe.

My most recent assignment was in the West African region where i lead an IT Distribution organization with over $300 Mil in annual revenues with a team size of over 170 people. I successfully turned around the organization back to being profitable from a loss making situation and ensured consistent performance.

I have a strong track record of turning around businesses & build teams that excel in difficult market environments & tough competitive situations. I have worked in the Asia pacific and the Indian Sub continent region for Microsoft corporation where i successfully managed and helped build the SMB & Distribution organization with annual revenues reaching $130 Million in 3 years time.

I successfully built the SMB organization for Samsung Electronics in India from scratch. Built the Samsung organization into a strong performing segment delivering up to $40 Mil in annual revenues within 16 months of building the segment with 20 team members.

I'm capable of resolving multiple and complex issues and motivating teams to peak performance when it matters the most.