International experience general manager with more than 15 years in MNC property development industry with strong background in business development, planning/design & marketing.


Comprehensive knowledge and capabilities, supported by a good combination education background,
skills and experiences almost in all aspect of the real estate and property business.
The business development and project management capabilities strengths including:
 Capability and achievement summary on the business development aspect, including:
o Understand the property business, top property players, developer, contractors, knowing
their business, strength, how they play.
o Good relationship with some key brokers, some land owners and some key persons in the
big corporate who owns lands
o Ability to create integrated project visioning and details, considering crucial aspects such as
marketing, project and operational
o Ability to create a spreadsheet business model calculation, cashflow/ P&L,
o Ability to create the professional business presentation
o Capability to handle legal due diligence, including directing the legal advisor to draft and
reviewing legal draft
 Capability and achievement in project management aspect, including :
o Setting the operation team, organization set up, man power planning recruitment,
remuneration design, organization set up, office infrastructure set up and other
preparation for project starting up
o Coordinate and lead the team to undertake the project, refine the designs for executions,
improve the engineering, optimizing the cost and value engineering
o Explore and define the long term operation strategy to ensure the project sustainability,
hand over to the project management and ensure the project can be operated smoothly
 Capability and achievement on marketing management including
o Conduct market survey, creating the questioners, conducting specific focus group
discussion, processing the data and make the conclusion from the study
o Lead and define the suitable marketing strategy for implementation, set up the team, and
conducting the networking channels for distribution
o Design pricing strategy, variant of payment, consi





Currently work as a senior manager in multinational large scale township developer.
Have more than 15 years in various field experiences in real estate & property related industry, local and international, including business development, planning & architecture, project development, marketing management and property management.