Business to Business (B2B) Sales and Marketing

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14 years of B2B sales and marketing primarily in North America woth special and keen interest in B2B Software and Cloud Computing





My Calendar:

My Vision/Mission/Tagline/Big Idea/Core Belief:
SELLING CHANGE AND CHANGING SALES - Helping you better the world while achieving your growth goals and improving the underlying global perception on salespeople and the sales profession. I especially support technologies that shape the future of work.

I play as the quarterback to business owners and revenue leaders of startup and growth-staged cloud computing / business software organizations who are willing and able to invest in the future of their enterprise - from framing sales and marketing strategies, targeting ideal customers and their problems, creating solutions that their customers are willing to pay for, getting more customers, establishing a delightedly-loyal following and choosing or creating a system to manage all these interrelated growth processes.

Who I Am: Steadfast Revenue and Sales Quarterback
What I do: Roll-up-the-sleeves B2B Software Sales Leader, Cloud Computing Advocate, Continuous Improvement Crusader
Who I do it for: Startups and growth-staged B2B Software SMBs who have aggressive revenue targets and are willing and able to invest time, money, sweat, blood and tears for the attainment of their goals
How they change as a result of working with me: Primarily achieving their growth goals, confirming and validating business theories and further understanding of their market to make appropriate business decisions.

Cloud Computing / SaaS / Business Software Sales and Account Management,
Cloud Computing / SaaS / Business Software Sales and New Business Development

Special interests:
Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service (Saas), Web and Mobile, Payments, eCommerce, mCommerce, Business Applications, New Product Development, Product Management, Market Research, Market Validation, ORACLE NETSUITE, IoT, BI, Data Management, AI, Bots