Information Security

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Established as an information security professional in consulting and advisory of risk management procedures as well as incident and crisis response in event of a security incident.





Recognized globally as a technology strategist, Dinesh has been involved in high technology development, startups, venture capital investments and private equity funding of startup and mezzanine stage companies, taking them through improved operational efficiencies and rapid business development activities.

Additional involvement in government liaison and industry development of the open source, internet & telecommunications and ICT security areas through industry groups, ministerial committees and community cells as well as leadership roles in global multinationals and industry development organizations.

He regularly speaks at international and regional conferences and seminars.

Armed with extensive experience in creating and incubating new technologies Dinesh has led and commercialized development of an embedded operating system for use in network based appliances including firewalls, routers, VPNs, traffic shapers and VoIP soft switches.

With additional deployment and consulting experience in architecting national broadband networks with converged quad-play services (voice, video, data and applications), he has also provided end to end commercial and technical leadership within innovative technology focussed organizations.

Specialties: Startup operations, business development and technology strategy
FreeBSD operating system development, deployment and integration
Network (TCP/IP) appliance development, deployment.
VoIP and NGN architecture and deployment
Internet and cybersecurity policy, planning and deployment
National technology strategy and policy