IoT technology India


Since last 3 years experience, started up my own enterprise in the IoT (Internet of Things) technology space. Building an organisation from scratch in tech space, starting all major functions like building team and human resources development, strategic planning and defining organisation's path, product development, production management, procurement, resources management. Managing business of products/solutions for energy management, access control, security/safety and comfort/luxury needs based on IoT technology.





Having worked in different technology domains of embedded systems (for different products/applications), system-level design (ESL), Logic design verification (which includes transaction, assertion, acceleration, formal and verification-planning approaches), I endeavor to excel in the domain of challenging/complex technologies and their applications, while taking into account the business/commercial aspects. My objective is to attain the highest levels of quality in technology delivery. I enjoy leading, motivating and directing team of ambitious, self-starters, highly capable engineers.

- Embedded systems
- System-level design (ESL)
- Assertion-based verification (ABV)
- Transaction-based verification
- Hardware-assisted acceleration
- Formal verification/Model checking
- Verification-planning and management
- Verification IP development
- Customer engagements
- Cross-geographic/cross-functional management
- Business prioritization and resource planning
- People management
- Product management