Founder of software product and services organisation


25+ years experience in software development, quality, robustness and software performance. Expertise in software and test architecture, mobile app development (Android and iOS). Developed two apps: Khojpal, a hyperlocal search engine and Selfie180, an app for viewing video (not photo) selfie.





Helped customers identify quality problems and help them overcome through detailed analysis of the process, tools used, development of custom test tools and integration of Nuevosoft Test Manager in their current process.

20+ years of experience in software development and QA - Experienced in starting, staffing and managing India Software development and QA center from ground up - Experience of designing and developing tests for system and application programs -Thorough and process oriented - Experienced in QA of NAS, Network offload adapters, CRM system -Entrepreneurial

Exposed to or have detailed knowledge about: Linux kernel, TCP/IP networking, various databases, mySQL, PHP, XML, XSL, performance improvement, SAP ABAP4, HTML, Java, Javascript, C etc.

Specialties: Software tools for test and test automation